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"Bubs Nubs were 100% correct with the sex of our Baby! Our little Boy arrived in December and we just love him so much" 

Michelle Elliott, Auckland, New Zealand

"When the Nub Theory came back as a girl i couldn't quite believe it!, after having 2 boys i wished for my princess and sure enough at the 20 week scan, she was confirmed a girl! i 100% back this theory it has been correct for all of my children, and it adds so much more fun and excitement into the build up of finding out."

Michelle Tollen-Stevens, Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you Bubs Nubs for accurately guessing our little Prince!. This was such a fun experience, and we welcomed our little boy in January"

Taranaki, New Zealand

"Ramzi was correct for us! we welcomed out baby girl in August 2022!" We also sent in the Nub Theory scan which also confirmed our princess! we are so in love with her"

Jessica, Wellington, New Zealand

"Confirmed Boy!!."

Tyla, Waiau Beach, New Zealand

"Confirmed Girl!!"

Chloe, Waiau-Pa, New Zealand

"I was a little sceptical at first to see if the nub theory actually worked but BubsNubs sure does know their stuff. We were very pleased to find out we were having another girl based off the nub theory at our 12 week scan and our 20 week scan further confirmed it. If you’re as impatient as I am get in touch with BubsNubs as they are awesome, would highly recommend."

Karenina, Auckland, New Zealand

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